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  • creativity

  • self confidence

  • exploration

  • concentration

  • expression

  • discovery

  • imagination

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  • accuracy

  • logic

The school


Montessori Rive Gauche is a small bilingual school for children aged between three and twelve. It is located on the left bank of Lake Geneva in Collonge-Bellerive, eight minutes drive from Geneva town center, and is easily accessible by car as well as public transport. The school is established in two lovely houses in the middle of a 2'500sqm garden where the children enjoy outdoor activities, relax, and play during recess. Near the school, there are also vineyards, fields and animals. 



Concurring with the principles of the Maria Montessori pedagogy, children are broken down into two groups according to their age: 3-6 year olds form one class and 6-12 year olds another. This organization encourages an enriching interaction among the children of different ages. The smaller children observe their older peers whom they endeavor to imitate them which enhances their desire to learn. The older children feel proud to show and teach the younger ones what they have learned and thus develop their social skills. This interaction reinforces their self-confidence, which will be deeply rooted and an invaluable resource to them throughout their lives.



Because our objective is to render our pupils fully bilingual, we teach in French and in English.

In the 3-6 year old classrooms, English and French are naturally and daily present in each class through educators (two English-speaking and one French-speaking) and the linguistic diversity of children. Every educator speaks in her mother tongue to the children.

Also in the 6-12 year old classroom, the teachers each speak in their mother tongue and use the alternatively the French or English Montessori material so all the children are taught in French and in English permanently.

German classes are also offered from the age of 6.

The teaching team follow the "Plan d'Etudes Romand (PER)" (Swiss French Pedagogic Planning) in order to ensure consistency with the traditional school system.


The team

Because all Montessori diploma are not the same, at Montessori Rive Gauche all our teachers are holding official Montessori Educator's diploma for 3-6 years old or for 6-12 years old, recognised by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). More information on AMI's official website, or on the Association Montessori Suisse website.

Montessori Rive Gauche team is composed by :

Nancy: Founder, headmistress.

Former head of the Association Montessori Suisse, Nancy first obtained two university degrees, one in Educational Science and the other in Law. After working as a tax consultant for a few years, she then spent seven years teaching in elementary public schools in the Geneva and Lausanne area. This experience led her to want to specialize in the Montessori teaching method and she proceeded to train as a Montessori teacher. She graduated from the Montessori AM(S), which is recognized by AMI for children aged 3-6 in 2008. Nancy is a mother of three children aged 6, 10 and 12. She has 15 years of teaching experiences in total and founded Montessori Rive Gauche school in 2011.


3-6 year old class

Ambiance 1

Cécile: French speaking teacher.

AMI Montessori graduate 3-6 from the ISMM (Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori) in Paris, Cécile has been managing a Montessori class for 7 years. Born in Paris, French mother tongue, Cécile holds a Bachelor degree in Educational Science. Her caring personality, gentleness and patience gradually guide the children towards self-confidence.

Alissia : English speaking teacher.

Montessori graduate 3-6 from the Bournemouth Institute, UK

Lauren : English speaking teacher.

AMI Montessori graduate 3-6 from the IFMM (Institut de Formation Maria Montessori) in Geneva


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Carla : French speaking teacher.

AMI Montessori graduate 3-6 from the IFMM (Institut de Formation Maria Montessori) in Geneva, Carla has been trained in psycho-pedaggy. From Uruguyan and Italian origin, Carla has a wealth of experience with childen with specific needs. 

Helen: English speaking teacher.

MCI (Montessori Centre International in London) graduate 3-6, Helen developed her Montessori teaching experience when working at the Montessori School Geneva for nine years before joining our team. Of British and Swedish origin, Helen grew up in the UK. She has been living in Switzerland for 20 years and has two children. Helen enjoys sharing her passions for travel, yoga and geography with the children. 

Heather: English speaking teacher.

Heather holds a Bachelor in Sociology and Psycology et d'un Post-graduate in Education. Of American origin, Heather is living for more than ten years in Switzerland. She works in several bilingual primary schools in Geneva, and is currently undergoing a AMI Montessori 3-6 Educators training in Geneva and will graduate in 2018. heather has two children.


Marie G : in 6-12 AMI training, Marie supervises the 3-6 children during lunch and break in the garden.


6-12 year old class

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Laure: French speaking teacher half time. 

With a Bachelor in Educational Science and as a AMS Montessori graduate 3-6 recognized by AMI and as a AMI Montessori graduate 6-12, Laure has over twelve years of teaching experience: seven years within Montessori schools and five years among children with special needs. Her enthusiasm, experience, and dynamism carries your children beyond reality onto a journey full of wonder and experiments.

Caroline: French speaking teacher half time. 

French, Caroline is graduated Montessori 6-12 from the Centre Formation Montessori Francophonie (CFMF). Caroline worked in Pringy Montessori School, before joining Montessori Rive Gauche team in the spring of 2018.

Freda: English speaking teacher.

AMI 6-12 year Montessori graduate, South African and mum of two children, raised according to Montessori principles, Freda has over ten years experience working in Montessori schools. She has been responsible for 6-12 year old classes since 2009. As a keen sportswoman, her calm openness makes her attentive to children's needs, joyfully guiding them on the path of knowledge. 


Ambiance 2

MarionFrench speaking teacher half time. 

French, Marion  is graduated Montessori 6-12 from the Centre Formation Montessori Francophonie (CFMF). Marion worked with several Montessori schools in Paris and Neuchatel, before joining Montessori Rive Gauche team in the spring of 2017.

Marie BFrench speaking teacher half time. 

French, Marie  is graduated Montessori 6-12 from the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori (ISMM) de Montpellier. Marie worked with several Montessori schools, before joining Montessori Rive Gauche team in the spring of 2018.

Mally: English speaking teacher.

AMI Montessori graduate 3-6 from Montessori NorthWest Institute, Portland/Oregon, Mally was a Montessori student until the age of 15 years old in the USA. Positive, empatic and reflectfull, she knows how to create a priviledged bound with children.


Mandy : German speaking teacher

German, Mandy is a 6-12 AMI Montessori Assistant. She gives german courses to our 6-12 children using both Montessori material and books recommanded by the Public Swiss System. 


Marie-Ange : holder of a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a 3-6 AMI Montessori Assistant, mother of two children, Marie-Ange is taking care of the 6-12 children during lunck break. 


Marie G and Marie-Angethey are responsible for children during daycare. They also organize gardening, cooking, creativiting workshops and have a sense of observation and analysis that goes along perfectly with the teaching team.


The Montessori Rive Gauche team, it's also

Alexis: Cofounder and school Administrator,  CFO and COO.

Marie M: Administrative assistant, Marie is also graduated AMI Montessori Assistant 3-6 since 2016.

Fatima: Thanks to Fatima's daily intervention, our kitchens and refectories are clean after every lunch of  your children. 

Cristina: Thanks to Cristina’s daily intervention, our school is tidy and clean every morning.


Opening hours

The school opens its doors at 8:00 am and children are welcomed until 8:45 am. The school provides lunch, after which the youngest children finish their day and depart at 1:30 pm. The older ones stay until 3:30 pm. There is no clear cut-off as to staying a full day in terms of age. The child is invited to stay on until 3:30 pm as soon as s/he is considered ready and capable of doing so.

After school care is available for those who wish to leave their child after 3:30 pm, in which case s/he can be signed up for extra curricular activities. 


General rules and tuition fees

Detailed information on the school's general rules and tuition fees can be found in the "Admissions" section.



Please contact us :

+41 (0) 78 806 22 42