School holidays 2019/2020

School starts on Monday 26th August 2019 for the oldest children, and gradually during the week for the new students (exact date will be confirmed individually to parents)

Geneva fast : Thursday 5th September 2019

Autumn holidays : from Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October 2019

Christmas and New Year's Eve : from Monday 23th December to Friday 3th January 2020

February holidays : from Monday 10th February to Friday 14th February 2020

Eastern holidays : from Thursday 9th April to Friday 17th April 2020

Labour Day : Friday 1st May 2020

The Ascension : from Thursday 21th May to Friday 22th May 2020

Whitmonday : Monday 1st June 2020

Summer holidays : from Monday 29th June to Friday 21st August 2020

2020 school start : Monday 24th August 2020