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  • creativity

  • self confidence

  • exploration

  • concentration

  • expression

  • discovery

  • imagination

  • individual coaching

  • subtlety

  • accuracy

  • logic

Waiting list application

This is an application to go onto our School Waiting List.

To download an application form to email or post to us click here .

Enrolments are possible throughout the school year, whatever the age of the child (between 3 and 12 years), up to the limit of the school’s capacity. In order to be admitted to the school, the child should no longer wear diapers during the day.

The enrolment fee of CHF 250.- is to be paid when the documents are submitted. In case of cancellation after the confirmation of the child’s enrolment, the CHF 250.- fee will not be reimbursed.

Submit the application form