• autonony

  • creativity

  • self confidence

  • exploration

  • concentration

  • expression

  • discovery

  • imagination

  • individual coaching

  • subtlety

  • accuracy

  • logic

General rules


Enrolment can be carried out only after a meeting with school management. It will be officially registered upon receipt of the signed enrolment form and general rules, as well as the the enrolment fee. The child is enrolled for a full school year.

Tuition fees

The school year is broken down into a single month followed by three terms.  The tuition fee is payable in advance, for the first month, on May 31st, then every term on August 31st, November 30th, and February 28th. The tuition fee is not reimbursable if the child’s enrolment is cancelled. The school management may refuse entry or terminate enrolment if tuition fees are not paid on time. Tuition fees are due, even in the absence of the child, whatever the reason of the absence may be. Tuition fees can be modified at the beginning of each scholar year.

Enrolment renewal

Pupils are automatically re-enrolled for the following school year, unless otherwise advised by the parents, in writing, before February 1st. After this date, the renewal is confirmed and the scholarship is due for the whole year.

Bank details

Tuition, enrolment and renewal fees should be paid to:

UBS 0240-718175, IBAN CH83 0024 0240 7181 7501 A,

Holder Montessori Rive Gauche SA

4 chemin de l’Escapade, 1222 Vésenaz

Cancellation during the year

In case of Force Majeure, the contract can be cancelled by registered mail, maximum one month before the end of the term; otherwise the fee for the following term will be due.


Parents are requested to use public parking lots. For the safety of children, it is strictly forbidden to park inside the residence under any circumstances.

Exclusion from school

The school reserves the right to exclude a pupil for a justified reason, if it deems this to be in the best interest of the child or the school. A meeting with the parents and warning letter will precede any exclusion. Non-respect of the driving and parking rules above represent a just cause for exclusion.

Insurance / Third Party Liability Insurance

The child must be appropriately insured for any accidents that may occur. The parents are responsible for any damage that the child may cause to the school facilities. Please attach a copy of the accident and third party liability insurance to the enrollment form.


The child's vaccination record and the school's health questionnaire must be provided to the school at the beginning of each school year. Any change in the child's health situation must be communicated to the school immediately.


An individual assessment will be offered to parents annually. It is possible to meet the teacher throughout the year upon appointment.


The school is secular and free from any religious, political, intellectual or philosophical movement in order to maintain its independence and meet its educational objectives.

Place of jurisdiction 

In case of conflict, the place of jurisdiction is Geneva, Switzerland.